How To Use Fiverr For Your Business

Sep 22, 2020 | Resources

Are you a business owner, a brand, or just some regular person looking for someone to do a task for you? Sometimes, we get so frustrated with having so much to do but little time or resources to getting them done. Some other times, we sincerely need the touch of a professional to get these tasks done. It’s not always easy to find professionals who can carry out some of our valuable tasks especially if we are operating on a budget plan. Well, I said not easy, I didn’t mean impossible, let me introduce you to Fiverr.

Fiverr – The Most Popular Marketplace

Fiverr is the largest and most popular online marketplace in the world today where self-employed or part-time workers offer freelance services, starting from $5, hence the name. This is the brainwork of Michael Kaufman and Shai Wininger, whose company is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. As an online marketplace, Fiverr is open to freelancers from all over the world who have sufficient skills to provide one unique service or another to clients worldwide. Fiverr’ website was launched in 2010, by 2012, more than three million services were showcased on the highly reputable online marketplace.

Shay Winninger and his partner came up with the idea of providing a two-way internet product where people could buy or sell a range of digital services. This unique outlet immediately hit the digital world, bringing Fiverr to the forefront in a matter of months.

Although all services offered on the platform start at $ 5, sellers are free to increase the amounts to thousands of dollars. This directly affects how sellers perform, it means that they must be willing to do more than what they offer for just $5, are you’re in doubt if Fiverr is worth it or not, think about that for a second.

The various services offered on Fiverr include writing and translation, digital marketing, graphic design, editing of videos, programming, transcription, etc. Fiverr’s trading volume has increased by up to 600% since 2011. Furthermore, in the United States Fiverr is ranked among the top 100 most popular websites and since 2013 it is among the top 200 most popular in the world.

Gigs and gig extras are common words you will see often when you visit Fiverr website. These terms refer to services listed by freelancers readily available on the website. For instance, when you visit the Fiverr website, you will be greeted with services written like this I Will Make a Simple Edit For Your Video for $5, or I will build a WordPress website for $5, or I will create a basic eCover for your eBook for $5, etc. But if by chance you need to purchase a premium service, they mostly cost more than $5.

Most sellers offer premium services via what is called Gig Extras,  for instance, a seller offering a service to make a simple edit for your video for $5 may put up a gig extra to create and add subtitles to your video for $25. Another gig extra could be to provide transcribing services.

Buyer is a term used on Fiverr for individuals who need something done for him/her and is willing to pay for the service. Buyers are the backbone of business transactions on Fiverr. If no one is willing to spend money on digital services, Fiverr will definitely run out of business. That’s why in Fiverr community, the phrase “buyer is king” is so popular.

The number of Fiverr service providers is more than enough to deter the prospect. In other words, if you are in a hurry. In this case, the seller approaches the buyer. This is possible with the aid of Buyer Requests section.

Here is all that the buyer need to do is to list the services they want for in the right category.

Then wait a moment for sellers to contact them suggesting their service.

Buyers are now left with the need to look through their gigs in order to choose the one that suits their desires.

In cases where a buyer has issues with a seller, such a buyer is at liberty to visit the Resolution Center to sort things out with the seller.

Another commonly used term in Fiverr is an Order. This is a list of instructions which the buyer gives to the seller about the desired service. Buyers can make one or more orders, depending on their preferences or needs. Usually the seller has requirements or questions the buyer has to answer to let the seller know exactly what the customer needs. If the customer is unable to answer the questions or send the requirements across, the order may wait.

Buyers should also be aware that orders will not be placed until payment has been made and confirmed. This means that the buyer must pay in advance before the order can be started or placed.A Fiverr order number is then uniquely assigned. (#FO) Payment method used on Fiverr includes Paypal, Credit, or Debit Card.

The order can be canceled if it is not completed on time or if the seller does not fulfill its obligations in any way. If this happens, the funds will be returned to the buyer without any problems and the seller may be awarded a red flag. Frequent cancellation of orders may adversely affect the condition and reputation of the seller. When the order is delivered and evaluated by the customer, it is marked as “Completed”. If the order has been delivered to the other party, but there is no request for editing from the Buyer and he gives his rating of the service, the order will be automatically marked as completed.

There is just so much you can achieve with this site either as a buyer or seller and you’ve been able to see some of them here, from getting your tasks done to getting it done professionally amongst many other benefits. Fiverr is indeed a blessing to so many out there making use of the platform. All you need is to set up your account and start placing your orders!

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