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No matter where you look, you see businesses, old and new, scrambling to build a presence on the internet because quite literally, that’s where everything is happening these days. Digital marketing is simply when a company publicizes and advertises its product and service offerings through digital channels, which, in broad terms includes the use of social media, mobile apps, email marketing, search engine optimization, websites, or any new digital channel.


If you have a new or small business, we understand that your primary focus will be on how to maximize the first wave of customers that you get. Your first instinct or strategy may be to rely on the more traditional means of advertising, such as print ads, flyers, and billboards on roadsides. Small businesses often take this route because they have the mindset that since they are offering a great product or service people will automatically find them. The effectiveness of this strategy is not guaranteed. What if we told you there are ways that are not only more and time efficient, but they are also more cost efficient and direct to your potential customers.

If you want your small businesses not only to survive but to thrive and prosper amongst competition, you should make it a point to take into account the huge marketplace of prospects that the internet so easily gives you access to. Regardless of how new or small your business may be, the online marketplace is crucial for its success.


Appeal directly to a larger audience

You must remember that basically all of your potential customers are online, and the internet is the best and most direct way to reach out to them. It is highly likely that your potential customers are already seeking a company like yours. If you fail to create an online presence and they can’t find you, they will probably end up choosing to take their business elsewhere.

Find out exactly what your customers and potential customers want

Thanks to the internet, it is now easier than ever to engage with your customers and potential customers to figure out exactly what their needs may be. Utilizing digital marketing techniques allows businesses to target specific groups of people that may be interested in your products or services. After all, isn’t the end goal to attract more business?

Conduct business in a global marketplace

Thanks to advancements in technology and the internet, businesses are able to offer services and products to the global marketplace. If you’re able to find an audience for your business in different parts of the world, you can conduct business on a global scale without it being a capital intensive undertaking.

Get immediate feedback on your marketing efforts

One of the most beneficial aspects of incorporating digital marketing into your overall marketing strategy is that it allows you to receive immediate feedback from your customers. Through web and social media analytics, it becomes very easy to view and track the responses of your customers’ activities on your digital profile. You can see how many visitors to your website or social media pages have actually stopped to engage with your content; how many of them clicked on an advertisement or the post and were redirected to your website; and what percentage of these subjects actually navigated your website, looked through your catalog and decided to finalize a purchase or submit a form. Using these analytics to your advantage is what makes a successful business stand out in the marketplace.


At ARC Digital Creative, our job is to make the establishment of your online presence convenient and hassle-free for you. If you have a hard time keeping up with social media trends and the constantly evolving marketplace, we have the knowledge and skills to help you and your business.

Our services cover a broad spectrum of digital marketing tools and techniques to help give your business that advantage setting it apart from the rest. We strive to offer the highest quality services at reasonable price points.

ARC Consultation

Consultation and Analysis

At ARC Digital Creative, our marketing professionals know that every project and business is unique. We understand the intricacies of working with small-medium sized businesses and can help you tweak and personalize your digital marketing strategy. Through the use of various analytical tools, we can gauge the quality of your online presence and come up with ways to better your digital profile.

ARC email Marketing

Email Marketing

In the age of instant messaging, many people are under the misconception that emails are becoming obsolete, when actually; the reality couldn’t be more different. We believe email marketing is still a very effective way of reaching out to your customers. Not only do emails make it possible for customers to be informed about your offerings but studies also show that sales promotion tactics such as coupons and gift cards sent through email are likely to double the traffic and engagement on your website.

ARC Flyers

Flyers and Promotional Material

We specialize in creating all types of promotional and graphic content for our clients. Our design abilities range from flyers and brochures to menus and advertising banners, etc. We can help visualize your ideas onto graphics fit for your business’ needs, just inquire within to speak to one of our design experts.

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